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Nokia X6 – Nokia’s Music Range Evolves

The Nokia X6 is the introductory model of the X series range of the company which is an addition to the existing touch screen devices. The Nokia X6 is a complete entertainment phone which bursts with features like great music, socializing and many others. This model is a perfect blend of looks and feature and a great choice for all the style conscious people.

Music is amazing:
The music player quality of the X6 is just amazing. It is a 'Comes with Music' Nokia device which provides access to the Nokia Music Store. The player of the X6 supports multiple audio formats which makes it possible to enjoy your tracks in their original format. There is also FM Radio and 3.5 mm of headphone jack in the phone.

Home screen is customizable:
You can make the home screen of the Nokia X6 customizable as per your own wish. You can even add 20 shortcuts to the screen of the phone that gives you one touch access to Nokia Music store, Facebook, contacts, games and every other thing which you wish.

Sensitive Touch screen interface:
The X6 Nokia model has smooth and slicker interface with 16: 9 widescreen which gives best experience of video and photo viewing. Its touch screen interface is also very sensitive.

Web Browsing is excellent
With this latest model from Nokia, now you will not have to worry about internet connection as web browsing is brilliant in it. It has built in flash player and auto landscape orientation which provides the best experience of online movies and video.

Keep socializing:
If you are a regular follower of social networking sites then the Nokia X6 is a great choice for you as it will allow you socializing on Ovi, Facebook, You Tube, My Space, and many other such sites.

Keep Track of your locations:
With this phone you will never have to face the problem of locations as it comes along with A GPS feature and integrated maps. So you can easily reach your windows with voice guided navigation of the phone.

Ovi Services are great:
In order to enhance your entertainment level various Ovi services are provided in this phone which include Ovi maps, N-gage games, Ovi Contacts, Ovi Files, push email, and downloadable applications of Java.

Edit and Share your Video:
This wonderful handset not only enables you to record video but also allows you to edit and share them. The phone has the feature of video editing and sharing of the video. There's also a video center. So now you can edit your clips to make them perfect and upload it on your social networking site to be viewed by all your friends. There is also an option of TV Out in this phone so that you can enjoy your clips at home with all your family members.

Mailing is easy:
With this handset mailing becomes very convenient and easy as you can follow simple steps to set your mail account. You can also combine multiple accounts in one inbox in this phone. This mobile phone supports services from Gmail, Yahoo mail, Windows Live Hotmail and other clients. There is also a lifetime license for accessing Nokia messaging in this handset.

So if you are looking for a phone which is different from all other models available in the market then this latest addition is just perfect for you.

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