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More Google Home devices reportedly crashing Wi-Fi networks

  • Reports came in last week that the Google Home Max was killing some Wi-Fi networks.
  • The issue appeared isolated to networks with a Home Max and TP-Link Archer 7 router.
  • Since the issue was first reported, more people are claiming to have the same issue with other Google Home and Chromecast devices and different routers.

Last week we told you about the Google Home Max killing some Wi-Fi networks. The problem seemed isolated to the Home Max and the TP-Link Archer C7 router. After we published our article, more users posted on the Google Product Forums indicating that the problem is actually more widespread.

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It now appears that users with other TP-Link routers are experiencing the issue as well. Additionally, users with Linksys, Synology, and other types of routers are feeling the pain too. If that wasn’t bad enough, the problem doesn’t appear exclusively with just the Google Home Max. Users with other Google Home units and Chromecasts are reporting that their networks are being knocked offline too.

TP-Link released a beta software update for the Archer C7 that should solve the issue, but it hasn’t worked for everyone. With multiple affected routers and various Google devices involved, we’re left to wonder exactly what the problem might be at this point. We haven’t seen an official response from Google on the issue yet, but a Google Product Forum Manager stated that Google is working on the issue. If you’re having a similar problem, hit the button below to head over to the forums and let Google know.

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