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iHome’s bedside smart clock is a spiffy-looking Google Home lookalike

  • iHome announced the iGV1, a smart clock with Google Assistant integration
  • The iGV1 features a dot-matrix display that displays the time
  • iHome didn’t say when the iGV1 will go on sale, but the clock will cost $140

Google Assistant-powered devices are expected to make plenty of splashes during this year’s CES, and iHome’s iGV1 is one such device that aims to take over your nightstand.

Take one look at the iGV1 and we wouldn’t be surprised if you mistook it for a smaller, wider Google Home, thanks to its gray fabric speaker grill on the bottom and use of white plastic for the top half. That illusion is quickly broken when you take a look at the top of the iGV1, where you will find buttons to control the volume and a snooze button.

That snooze button, as well as the dot-matrix display, certainly give away the iGV1’s status as a smart clock. The display is a simple one, only showing the time, upcoming alarm, and the volume level. You have the option to dim or shut off the display, just in case the lights get annoying in the dark, and because the iGV1 syncs with the Network Time Protocol (NTP) over Wi-Fi, you don’t have to set the time yourself.

Editor’s Pick

Thanks to Google Assistant and the far-field array microphones, the iGV1 functions as much more than a bedside alarm clock — you can use your voice to search the web, catch up on the latest news, and control other appliances and accessories in your home. You also have Google Cast at your disposal, as well as Bluetooth to stream audio to another device and a USB port to charge other devices.

Where people might get a bit hung up is with the iGV1’s $140 price tag. That’s $10 more than what the Google Home and Amazon Echo Spot, the latter of which features a display, currently go for. Even so, if what you’re looking for is a clock with smart functionality, we wouldn’t blame you if you went with the iGV1.

We don’t know when the iGV1 will be available, but stay tuned as we bring you more information from the show floor at CES 2018.

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