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Google sold ‘tens of millions’ of Google Home devices in 2017

2017 was an important year for Google when it came to Google Home and Google Assistant. After all, it was their first full year of existence, and given the huge cache behind the Google brand, they were expected to have a successful first full year of existence.

Here’s a shocker: Google Home and Google Assistant did just fine in 2017.

They did more than just fine, too, as Google says it sold over “tens of millions of Google devices for the home” throughout 2017. More impressively, the search giant said it sold “more than one Google Home device every second since Google Home Mini started shipping in October.”

TechCrunch did the match for us and estimated that roughly 7.5 million Google Home devices might have been sold since October, but remember that Google’s claim is an average, so that estimated sales figure could be lower or higher.

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Regardless, Google didn’t say exactly how many Google Home and Google Home Mini devices were sold, though we expect the latter to have sold better, given its relatively lower price tag. Over the holidays, you could pick up a Google Home Mini for $30 versus $80 for the large sibling.

Even with the low price, Google reportedly made a loss on sales of the Google Home Mini during the holiday season. Whether this is true or not matters little to Google, since its goal is to usurp Amazon as the top connected device maker.

Helping further that cause is Google Assistant running on 400 million devices, including smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and other devices. It’s this ecosystem that made it possible for the virtual assistant to be supported on 1,500 smart home devices from over 200 brands.

It’s also thanks to this large ecosystem that Google plans to have a major presence at next week’s CES 2018, where the company is expected to show off plenty of devices running Assistant. They might even include new devices, so stay tuned as we bring you all the latest information from the show floor.

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